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Analytics service

1) Database research support


JMDC's data analytics department supports medical research that uses database.

  • Research support not only for in-house data but also for real world data

  • Helping clients not only with research implementation but also with creating an environment for research implementation

  • Utilizing medical data to maximize product value, actualize unmet medical needs, and achieve other goals.


Database handled in research

We support research using not only the data held by JMDC but also various medical databases.


We support the implementation of research with databases that can be utilized.
Please feel free to contact us.

Scope of Database Research Support


*The above is just an example, and the scope of support will be established through mutual discussion and agreement.
*Feel free to contact us at the initial stage of any project.

Helping clients for conducting research activities

In addition to supporting the implementation of database research, we provide detailed support such as planning education and training to help create an environment for conducting research with confidence.


2) GPSP inspection support


We support preliminary surveys for conducting post-marketing database surveillance and preparing survey plans.



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