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Payer database


JMDC payer database consists of a ledger of enrollments belonging to health insurance associations, all claims issued when the subscriber visits a medical institution, and annual health checkup results.


Since all claims issued by medical institutions are integrated by health insurance associations, the diagnosis and treatment can be tracked even if the patient changes the consultation medical institution.

In addition, the ledger information allows analysis including healthy enrollments who do not receive claims.

The range of insurers

Of multiple insurers, we cover the person and family enrollments belonging to health insurance associations.


Source: The 22nd Survey on Economic Conditions in Health Care(Survey on Health Care Facilities) 

The types of data

We provide subscriber ledger data, health checkup data, and claim data.

All data are linked with the unique ID of a subscriber.



JMDC payer database is used by a wide range of departments, such as research and development, medical, marketing, and safety departments, centered on pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.

The database is also used in many medical papers because of the high reliability.

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