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Consulting service

  • JMDC provides a consulting service to help pharmaceutical companies to optimize the use of a wide variety of internal / external data.

  • Unlike existing ad-hoc reporting services for verification of specific hypotheses, our consulting service provides integrated support from hypothesis formulation through execution planning, which includes primary research as well as secondary data analysis.

  • Compared to other consulting firms, our key strengths are a) access to raw data, b) deep understanding of RWD analysis, and c) wide-ranging experience on the application of AI to RWD.


Examples of consulting project themes

We support various types of RWD-related projects that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients as shown in the list below.

Detailed patient journey analysis through primary research and RWD analysis

Disease onset / exacerbation risk factor analysis based on RWD-based machine learning model

Program to raise disease awareness among consumers via JMDC PHR platform for payers

Site selection support for clinical trials based on RWD analysis

Patient recruiting services for clinical trials with RWD analysis and PHR platform

Internal case study :
Analysis of the background of prescription blank periods of CRC patients

Prescription blank periods due to adverse effects, changing hospitals, etc. often happen in oncology treatment.

Patient journey analysis based on claims data helps us to understand the background.


Internal case study : Health Weather
RWD-based machine learning model for analyzing weather impact on disease risk

Health Weather is an RWD-based machine learning model for analyzing the impact of weather on disease risk (e.g., asthma, migraine, etc.).We provide it to clients as a marketing tool for raising consumer awareness about diseases. We can also use the “Health Weather” model to identify previously unknown weather factors influencing disease onset / status.

Disease risk prediction models for asthma, migraine, etc. Awareness of risks Asthma risk.


Internal case study :
Patient recruiting services for clinical trials using RWD analysis and PHR platform

We help clients to develop a tailored strategy based on RWD analysis, and provide execution support to achieve the targeted number of patients for recruitment.

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